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Search for investing partner for Bitumen terminal Company, 20 mln. Euros.

Location in Constanta Port. Look for partner-investor (land, approvals from authorities, feasibility study, business plan, projects), import about 250,000 – 300,000 t/year bitumen and 150,000 t/year heavy fuel oil for electrical power stations, investment recovery 4 years.

Search for investing partner for Specialty Steel Manufacturers, 30 mln. Euros.

The shareholders of the two Romanian companies are contemplating offers from strategic buyers interested in acquiring up to 100% of the companies’ shares or assets, as well as from potential investors interested in acquiring a stake in the companies and further develop the companies in partnership with the existing shareholders

The companies will manufacture, in partnership, forged and cast steel products, whereas one  will elaborate and cast the steel, and the second will provide the processing of steel (forging and thermal treatment). The casting will be performed by the company in vacuum induction or arc furnaces and slag remelting. The potential synergies resulting from this partnership cannot be underestimated, creating the only integrated producer of speciality steel parts with added value in all of South-Eastern Europe.

Search for investing partner for Construction Company (subway construction roads, civil engineering, very good brand, assets 30 mil Euros).

The company performed 65 km of twin wire subway tunnels in Bucharest – Romania, subway stations, galleries and subway entries, in the period 1976-2011.

It built over 100 buildings in the period 1989-2011, namely: Office buildings, Hotels, Bank premises, residence developments, villas and villas developments, Malls, Supermarkets, and Rehabilitation works of roads and bridges.

The business plan foresees, in 10 years, an income program of 440 million Euro with a net profit of 44 million Euro in this period, an amount which covers the return of the loan, the interest and the related commissions, having a final balance of over 9 mil. Euro after the performance of the payments.

Search a investment partner for the Romanian beverage distribution company.

The company has distribution contracts with prestigious producers in the field of soft drinks, beer, wine, snacks, and cigarettes: Quadrant Amroq Beverage LLC, Bergenbier SA, Red Bull Romania SRL, Perla Harghitei SA, Star Foods EM Ltd., Philip Morris Trading Ltd ,Sevora Company SRL.

The Company represents a strategic investment opportunity for a distributor wishing to quickly gain market share, a distributor wishing to invest in the Romanian market and use the Company’s network to distribute value-added products, or a financial investor seeking a profitable and well established business in this market.


Romanian oil trading company is interested in partnering with any company that may be interested in entering into the Romanian market or set up operations in Eastern Europe.

The company was founded in 2007 having the line of business the wholesale distribution of petroleum products, by developing a distribution network in Romania, fructifying the growth opportunities of the market and the know-how gained on the specific market. The forecast for 2011 is to sell 65,000 tons comparing with  48,500 tons in 2010.

They are interested in engaging with companies that have expertise in operating with oil products and they are open to transferring majority (50% to 100%) equity ownership to the right partner.